Agronomy Services

Zone Mapping

There can be a wide range of productivity from field to field on every farm. We can help you get the most out of this variability through the creation of management zones based on the collection of various types of data. We offer two different types of zone map creation services: SWAT MAPS and NDVI and Yield maps. SWAT MAPS are created based on field and soil characteristics and properties. NDVI and yield data maps create management zones based on the history of crop performance. Call for more information and to determine the right VR mapping service for your operation.


Soil, topography, water and EC data are integrated into a single map and can be used as a basis for fertilizer, seed, herbicide, and/or fungicide applications. Fields are driven with the mapping truck to collect the data, this data is then used to create the zone map, and a soil sampling program is developed for the zones. Maps remain accurate for many years and fields do not need to be re-mapped unless there is significant movement of soil. More information on this mapping service can be found here.


We use a combination of historical NDVI imagery and yield data (if available) to create management zones for your variable rate preferences. A soil sampling program will be developed for each zone that will allow us to determine productivity potentials in order to apply fertilizer at the appropriate rates. This zone creation method is a cost-effective way to manage fertilizer rates in good vs poor areas, or to apply VR to short-term rented land. NDVI and yield based zone maps should be re-assessed every 1-3 years to determine if the zones need to be modified based on changes in growing seasons and/or crop performance.


Composite soil samples are taken at multiple depths and georeferenced to develop the most consistent and accurate representation of the field.

Crop plans are customized to your yield goals, equipment capabilities and field conditions.  We analyze the available nutrients and soil properties, then include details about fertilizer timing and placement, seeding rates and thousand kernel weights, plant densities, crop rotation, and any other specifics that are important to your farming operation.

SOIL TEST: $300 per field
CROP PLAN: $250 per field


Having an extra set of eyes in the field is just another way to help protect your investment.  We offer full crop scouting services throughout the entire growing season.  Our frequent presence in the field allows for weed, insect and disease pressures to be discovered early, which gives you the opportunity to minimize crop damage and yield loss.  It also lets you manage your time as efficiently as possible during busy spraying periods and when taking action pre-harvest.  By utilizing the Trimble network, instant updates and photos can be sent to your smartphone or tablet, and we are just a phone call away.

SCOUTING: $8.75-$10.00 per acre


CropMax has taken a preventative stance in clubroot management to reduce the spread of disease that may be associated with the field activities of consulting services.  We can help mitigate the risk on your farm by testing your fields and consulting on the management practices that make the most sense for you.

CLUBROOT TEST: $160 per field

APHANOMYCES TEST: $160 per field