Weather Stations

Every year the timing and amount of water that’s available to your crop impact your overall productivity potential. Measuring crop available water along with rainfall and root activity provides critical insights into the opportunities and challenges in your fields.

This data is collected using RealmFive Vantage Pro2 weather stations in combination with John Deere soil moisture probes. These weather stations connect wirelessly to the soil moisture probes, allowing for earlier installation of the weather stations and collection of rainfall data.

Crop Intelligence is the software application used to store and manage the weather station and moisture probe data. It ties this data together to provide actionable insights based on your Water Driven Yield Potential. It’s a decision support tool that gives you the information needed to make the best decisions based on accurate data right from your fields.


Purchasing a weather station and probe will also include in-season support and review of the data to ensure that you are getting the most value out of your investment.